The 5 best online TEFL courses to take in 2021

In 2020 myself and my colleagues researched and signed up for more than 20 online TEFL courses in search for the top five. We went from taking the $20 Groupon courses to the more expensive courses and what we found out about all these courses came as quite a shock. To start with, let’s talk about the $20 Groupon courses. What I can say is, there’s a reason why they’re so cheap and that’s because they are rubbish! The course platform is so outdated and frequently crashes on you. You hardly learn a thing about teaching and I’m surprised these $20 courses are allowed to exist. STAY CLEAR OF THE $20 TEFL COURSES! Read more about the $19 courses here

The courses we researched and signed up for next were the $100 to $400 courses, and let me tell you, there wasn’t much difference in quality whether it be a $100 course or a $400 course. We all agreed that the more expensive courses were no better in quality, but because they are maybe a bigger company, they can get away with charging more money.

Anyway, let’s take you through the top five online TEFL courses, you should take in 2021.


1. International TEFL and TESOL

Courses start from $89

The Best Online TEFL Courses

By far the cheapest of the bunch, with the same quality course of all the more expensive companies. They offer a 60 hour course of a 120 hour course and a 180 hour course. You can take a 120 hour online course for as little as $119, which is a bargain considering you get tutor and job placement support…



2. UNI-Prep

Courses start from $255

TEFL and TESOL courses 

UNI-Prep is an American organization and is widely recognized by employers around the world. Our TEFL & TESOL certification course is online, accredited and internationally recognized, qualifying trainees to work as an English/ESL/EFL teacher anywhere in the world and online. It comes with videos, tutor support, free international shipping, and many other benefits.




Courses start from $180

Online TEFL courses

ISTESOL is another level of learning if you want to learn more about the TEFL industry. They offer a 120 hour online course for $180, and also in-class courses! A bargain for this level of learning…




Courses start from $139

TEFL Trainers

MyTEFL, need I say more about this company, their name is everywhere. You can’t look up TEFL courses without seeing them. This is why we had to check them out…



5. Bridge TEFL

Courses start from $199

Online TEFL/TESOL Courses

Bridge TEFL is another great online TEFL course that offers 40 hour, 60 hour, 100 hour, 120 hour, and 150 hour courses. The quality of their 120 hour course is right up there as the best…




There are hundreds of online TEFL courses out there and it is nearly impossible to try them all out. The 20 TEFL course providers we did choose were the most known on the market from doing our research. In mine and my colleague’s opinion, these 5 online TEFL course providers were by far the best ones we chose. They all have modern courses, tutor support, job placement support, accreditation and are all recognized globally. All the important things that should come with a TEFL course provider. Most of the other courses we tried do offer the same things on their website but do not honor them. I hope this article helps teachers out with the many choices of courses out there and I wish you all good luck for the future.