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MyTEFL Review

MyTEFL, need I say more about this company, their name is everywhere. You can’t look up TEFL courses without seeing them. This is why we had to check them out. They offer a 40 hour, 60 hour, 80 hour, and a 120 hour online course.

Their 120 hour professional course is $299, so a little more expensive than our other courses, but still very affordable. The course is very informative and new teachers will learn a lot of new methods from MyTEFL. There are not many videos so you’ll have to do a lot of reading, but if you don’t mind that it’s fine.

The quality of the course is up there with the best of them, and we highly recommend you take a look at them. They are accredited and recognized worldwide.

What graduates say on Go-Abroad

“What a Fantastic Course! Covered So Much more than I could imagine. I am a Native English speaker from the United States and felt like I truly re-learned quite a bit. All within setup and structure that makes total sense – step by step one step at a time. Amazing that this single course could cover so many steps in the allotted time. Highly Recommended”.

“The Mytefl course I completed was very informative and easy to understand. The module format was well prepared as it transition from one text to the next. The knowledge I received from the 120-hour course will provide me with the tools needed for my journey. Any person looking to enroll in a (TEFL) course should consider MYTEFL first. Thanks for the experience”

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