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Bridge TEFL

Bridge TEFL Review

Bridge TEFL is another great online TEFL course that offers 40 hour, 60 hour, 100 hour, 120 hour, and 150 hour courses. The quality of their 120 hour course is right up there as the best.

You can see that they have worked really hard on their course, with great detail for every module. Their 120 hour course is more expensive than ITT with a price of $240, but Bridge TEFL is a well-known TEFL course provider and $240 is still pretty cheap if you think about the quality you are receiving.

They also offer more courses for developing your teaching skills further such as online teaching courses. They are accredited and recognized worldwide.

What graduates say on Go-Abroad

“The education that the student receives at Bridge-Education Group-Bridge TEFL is top-notch! The tutor was responsive and her analysis of the work that I submitted was obviously informed by years of education and experience. The administrative office made certain that there were no technical difficulties. The platform is intuitive and easy to access. I enjoyed this Bridge-TEFL course so much that I am now taking another. It was an excellent experience”.

“Excellent Choice!!! I had an amazing experience of learning at BridgeTEFL. The advisor always gave me useful and encouraging feedback. I enjoyed the material and the learning process. I thank BridgeTEFL for the experience and in the future will participate in other courses”.

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