By Bryan 

Did you know that native English speakers can now teach English abroad even without a college degree? Yes, you read it right! Thanks to the overwhelming demand for English teachers as several countries have already loosen up their requirements when hiring native English speakers. While it is true that having a degree can be an advantage, you should not be discouraged as there are plenty of ways to land into your dream job. 

If you are from the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa or New Zealand, we have listed the top 5 countries you can work in as an English teacher without having a degree.

1. Cambodia

Considered to be one of the most lenient countries when hiring English teachers, Cambodia can be a great option for aspiring English Teachers. The average salary here ranges from $700 – $1,000 per month. It is known to be one of the countries in the world with lowest cost of living yet it has a significantly high standard of living. Working here will have you more savings than spending.

2. Laos

If you love warm weather, you might want to consider Laos. This country is also known for its chill people and relaxed environment. During school vacation you can even take a short flight to its neighboring countries, such as Vietnam, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand. Average salary ranges from $500 to $1,000.

3. Brazil

English teachers can afford a comfortable lifestyle in Brazil. With 20-25 hours of work in a week, you can surely have plenty of time to explore the biggest country in South America. The Salary of an English Teacher here is also competitive as it ranges from $800 to $1,300 per month. College degree is not a requirement but it is possible that they will look for TEFL Certification so be prepared for it.

4. Russia

If you want to experience a unique culture and a rewarding salary, Russia can be your best choice. The salary here ranges from $1,500 – $2,000 per month. While some people find it challenging to adjust to working here because of its fascinating culture and environment, many have found valuable experience working as English Teachers. So why not give it a try!

5. Spain

Spain is one of the most desired destinations for English Teachers. It is perfect for people who love to party and drink after work. Finding a teaching job here is so easy. Whether you have a degree or not, experienced or inexperienced, you’ll find a job easily. The salary rate here is competitive as it ranges from $700 to $2,000. 


By easing off employment requirements, it is apparent that many countries still have high preference to native English speakers. While there are a lot of non-native English speaking countries that may be able to produce competent English teachers, the truth is that there is a continuous high demand for English teachers. 

Moreover, most countries hire foreign English teachers for young learners that don’t require intensive and complex lessons. That’s why most employers focus more on the teacher’s classroom management skills and passion for children. 

They will only be able to assess your capability if you have experience or certification related to education. One significant credential is the TEFL Certificate. Many employers recognize that if you have taken TEFL Courses whether online or onsite, you are capable of teaching the English language whether you are a degree holder or not. 

Invest in your credentials now and get the job you have always wanted in no time! Visit today to learn more about the online TEFL Courses available for you!