By Bryan 

If you’re into English Language teaching, you probably have heard about TESOL, TESL and TEFL Certification but confused about what they are and what purpose they serve. Basically, they are all the same and they serve as highly reputable certifications that equip its holder with the highest standards of English teaching best practices.

If you’re planning to teach English abroad or work as an Online English Teacher, having TEFL Certification will ace you in getting the job you’ve been waiting for. So stop procrastinating, and let us help you with these 5 reasons why you should take TEFL courses NOW!

1. TEFL Courses are EASY, REASONABLE and For EVERYONE.  

Online TEFL Courses - Accredited TEFL/TESOL certification

TEFL Courses are designed to further the skills of people who are capable of speaking English and have the potential to teach it. You don’t need to have an English Teaching experience or a license to qualify. Moreover, because of the rise in the number of people who take TEFL courses, rates are becoming more affordable and some even offer flexible payment terms.

2. TEFL Certified Individuals; Most Likely Ace the Job.

TEFL Certification - TEFL Courses Online

During job interviews, educational institutions will definitely look for any certifications that will support your skills. Your diploma, experience and communication skills are some of the essentials but being equipped with a TEFL Certificate is a great advantage that will set you apart from other candidates.

3. English Language Teaching Pays Well

English Teacher Salary - TEFL course provider

The number of non-English speaking countries that hire foreign teachers is increasing. The average salary of an English Teacher ranges from 2,000 – 3,000 USD. Quite impressive. Isn’t it?

4. Teaching Abroad Is Perfect for People Who Love to Travel and Socialize!

Teaching Abroad - Online TEFL Courses

What is more exciting than working while having a vacation abroad and meeting people from different walks of life? Not only does it expand your network but it also gives you awesome overseas experience that uplifts your well-being!

5. English Is A Never Ending Market Opportunity!

Best Online TEFL Courses - TEFL Online Pro Reviews

As we gear towards globalization, the need for English education will continue to be on the rise. Hence, non-English speaking people will continuously need teachers like you! Invest in your teaching career now. Take TEFL Courses, and be certified!

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