By Bryan


Nowadays, the demand for online ESL Teachers is undeniably skyrocketing. Especially now that we are facing a pandemic, and almost all academic institutions are shifting online. However, along with the rise of opportunities, comes threats that take advantage of the big market. One that has caught our attention is the increase of very cheap online TEFL courses and certifications. 

Apparently, you will find online advertisements that offer $20 worth of online TEFL courses, and some even cost less. How is this possible? These companies claiming to be Online TEFL providers bargain courses with modules that are poorly made and are not even aligned with the standard online TEFL protocols. They advertise and promote their TEFL courses through legitimate online stores and online ESL communities, such as Facebook to reach its market. As per our own investigation these online TEFL providers employ agents with commissions for every client they get to enroll. Upon booking, these agents will seek access from the client’s personal login account given by the TEFL provider to access their enrolled course modules and take the test on behalf of the student. After then, results will be released in favor of the student, and hence certification follows. No hassles, no sweat, no nothing but certificate.

TEFL deals that are too good to be true must be a red flag to anyone planning to take Online TEFL Courses. We certainly cannot expect a quality 120 hours of TEFL courses and certification at a rate of $10 – $20. Just like all TEFL students who wish to be able to teach abroad and enjoy a high paying job, these TEFL professionals who spent months if not years to design effective TEFL modules will never offer services at such cheap prices. Good thing is that many ESL companies are becoming aware of this modus operandi. The rise in the number of ESL Teachers claiming to have attended 120 hours of TEFL courses and having certified has led several ESL companies to have a standardized validation process for TEFL certificate holders. While many are hopeful to get the teaching job abroad, a lot are being rejected after finding out that their TEFL Certificate was fake. 



If you are really passionate about English Teaching, enroll for a quality TEFL Courses. Not only you will be equipped with the English teaching essentials, but also you will have peace of mind and confidence that you are fit for your chosen career. Moreover, most TEFL providers offer job placements, so you don’t need to look further. They will be your support even beyond the 120-hours TEFL Courses. So, never settle for less in your career. 

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