TEFL online pro reviews. In a never-ending battle to weed out the scammers and liars who taint the reputation of online TEFL courses, we bring you a fake TEFL course review website which has been designed to sell its own “course”. The website which claims to review TEFL courses is https://trustedteflreviews.com. The website is in fact trying to peddle it’s own course called “TEFL Pro Online”. Both of these websites were launched by the same person in March 2019. The person registers both websites out in Panama where they are less likely to be prosecuted for fraud. 

Trusted TEFL Reviews lists most of its main competitors in the online TEFL industry. They then add fake TEFL reviews for each one, claiming they are submitted by students. The fake TEFL reviews added include a few plausible sounding reviews along with a couple misleading and downright fraudulent rants about each one. The idea is to make would be teachers believe this is a legitimate review website that can be used for research purposes. The word “trusted” is meant to deceive the teacher’s critical thinking. 

When you actually read the reviews, you can tell they are all written by the same person. The language used, the tone, and the style are identical. 

Who are TEFLProOnline and Trusted TEFL Reviews?

Trusted TEFL Reviews was created in March 2019 as verified by WHOIS and a cursory domain search. The online TEFL course they claim was the “overwhelming winner” in their “annual reader’s choice award” is called “TEFLonlinepro.com” and was also created in March 2019. Even more interesting is the fact they are both registered to the same owner through a secretive shady offshore Panama registrar. Below are screenshots of both websites WHOIS data taken in Aug 2019. It is possible the person running the websites will change this as soon as possible, but thanks to technology we’ll always have proof of this unethical operator slipping up.

The person running these two websites goes under a couple of aliases. The first is “Mia Williams” who actively promotes the two websites on Reddit and other forums. The other alias used is “Paul Murphy”. For some reason most internet scammers like to use the most generic and common names they can imagine. Likely it is to protect themselves against an online search.  As can be seen by the two “comments”, they are written by the same person. The sentence style, tone, vocabulary, punctuation and even capitalization are identical. 

What’s funny is that TrustedTEFLReviews claims they have an annual “readers choice award”. How a website launched in March 2019 can achieve that already is something to consider. If you’d like to compare the supposed “reviews” that customers are leaving on their website, check out some examples here. These are absolutely fake, ridiculous, and written by the same scammer above. 

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TrustedTEFLReviews Fake Reviews

“Mia Williams” or “Paul Williams” lists out major, reputable TEFL providers and then adds fake reviews to their website. How do we know? We submitted a review along with proof of course purchase for a competing course for research’s sake. The scammer never replied and never posted our review. 

If you read the reviews on TrustedTEFLReviews you’ll easily see that they are indeed written by the very same person. 

TEFLOnlinePro Scam Summary

Trustedteflreviews is a fake site with 100% fake reviews. Fake TEFL reviews are posted to hurt major players in the TEFL world. The main goal is to make you buy their “number 1 recommended course”. The course is called TEFLOnlinePro and came into existence in March 2019. Besides their own internet Spam marketing, there is almost no mention of them anywhere else. The first page of google shows their own websites, images from their websites, a couple wordpress websites created by them and a TripAdvisor profile (?). This scammer thinkd he is a SEO specialist, using link structures and fake profiles to boost their own website to the top of google, but he only uses poor low authority link and is an amatur.

TEFLOnlinePro is a new shady operator with unknown origins hiding out in an offshore Panama registration. It is not accredited, and it would be useless in the eyes of most employers. They are a fly by night operation and will take your money and leave you with no recourse when you realize its not worth a penny. There are no TEFLOnlinePro  course reviews externally.  

When we tried to submit a review of a competing course along with proof of enrollment, we were ignored and the review was never published. 

Buyer beware. New fly by night websites with little external accreditation, validation or even mention are extremely risky. You can lose your money and end up with nothing in hand. Do your research and seek out valid, longstanding and reputable websites like https://www.goabroad.com/, Facebook, Google and https://www.teflcoursereview.com/.

Tried and Tested TEFL Course Providers

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