The International TEFL Organization (ITO) Review.

Is the International TEFL Organization (ITO) legit?

We have found the next TEFL mill and we just want to warn people about this company before you think about signing up with them.

We first saw this company advertising on Facebook and then on Google. They were offering their 120 hour course for only $27. Straight away we thought “TEFL mill” trying to make a quick buck with a poor course. So we looked further into The International TEFL Organization (ITO) and immediately found a few suspicious things about them.

First thing we noticed was that they say they started in 1997. This is their quote on their website “The ITO started in 1997 offering accredited in-class TEFL/ TESOL certificate courses. Our online TEFL course is now one of the world’s most prestigious teacher training courses available and provides you with the skills and qualification needed to start your new career as an English teacher”.  In actual fact they only started in September 2020, just 5 months ago. I don’t think a TEFL course provider can claim to be one of the most prestigious companies if you are only 5 months old.

Here is a screenshot of proving they are only 5 months old.

They also have the Cambridge international exams logo on their website but have no affiliation with Cambridge University what so ever. They do this to show customers that they are a so called prestigious company.

See screenshot of the logo.

So far we have discovered that they lie a lot about their TEFL credentials. They also have a section on their website where they state that 12,436 students have graduated from their course. How can a company that has only been around for 5 months have so many graduates?

We have noticed that sometimes they advertise the course for $27 and other times they advertise for $47. Their other courses go for $597 and $397. I’m sorry but in our experience, you will never see a reputable TEFL course provider drop their prices so dramatically. They offer a Diploma course and say it’s Cambridge certified!!! This is not true because they have no affiliation with Cambridge University. You try to look them up on the UK companies house website and they are no where to be seen. You can go to the (ITO) website and check for yourself , which is a very poorly and cheaply made website You can also check the UK companies house website to see that they are not registered


They say they are accredited but we can’t see any accreditation for them. If anyone reads this and can tell us what accreditation they have, please leave a comment and tell us. It looks like they credit themselves, but we can’t be sure. Either way it looks very suspicious.


I think we have shown enough evidence that this company is just another TEFL mill and cannot be trusted. No real accreditation and they lie a lot. An outright scam!

I really hope this post has helped anyone that is thinking about taking this course and has made you realize that it will be better to find a more reputable TEFL course provider.

We strongly recommend you stay well away from this company because ultimately your certificate will be worthless.

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