By Bryan 

“TEFL” stands for “Teaching English as a Foreign Language”. It is basically a short-course program that provides the basic principles and best practices required to effectively teach English as a Second Language also known as ESL. For others, it may be Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL), Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) or English Language Teaching (ELT). They may serve for different purposes but don’t worry as they are often used interchangeably and courses are mostly designed in the same manner, it’s just that “TEFL” happens to be the most widely recognized certification in the ESL sphere. Usually, enrollees who are taking TEFL courses intend to work abroad since most employers include this certification as part of their requirements while some simply want to improve their marketability and competitiveness as English teachers. 

Becoming a TEFL Certified English teacher can unlock many doors of opportunities and help you advance in your teaching career. Whether you are a native or a non-native English speaker you can definitely enroll for TEFL courses! As long as you can demonstrate a high standard of English, your nationality will never define your competence as an ESL Teacher. TEFL courses may be taken online or onsite. Nowadays, enrollees prefer having it online to save time as you don’t need to personally go to the TEFL center, and to avoid contracting health risks that’s been around for quite a while now.

TEFL courses may be taken in various time durations. You may take it within 120 hours, 180 hours and may be even more, depending on the assessment and recommendation of the TEFL provider. Of course, their credibility will be in question if one gets certified but doesn’t really meet the ESL industry standards. So, it is very important to look for a reputable TEFL course provider. Don’t be swayed by some who claim to be legitimate TEFL providers offering $20-worth of online TEFL courses as they are certainly FAKE. We don’t want you to be a victim of this kind of racket, which can have you pulled out from your teaching position abroad after your employer finds out that your certificate is fake. Click here to read our article regarding this.


The rise of online education across the globe means an increase of demand for ESL teachers. Nowadays, more English teachers are needed to cater to the growing number of students onsite and online. Apparently, not only licensed teachers are eyeing for this opportunity but also careershifters. Hence, as the number of teacher applicants increase, qualification gets tougher, and being English proficient is not anymore enough. This is where TEFL certification becomes significant. TEFL is your gateway to real-world opportunities. So, kickstart your TEFL journey now by enrolling for legit Online TEFL Courses! 

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